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technopolis Friday, October 22, 1999

And the 'Get a Life Award' goes to . . .

Friday, October 22, 1999

Jim Stedman swears he really does have a life. For instance, in his spare time, he and his wife make short films, such as "Couches, Tables and Darts," a humorous short that aired on television after winning an Independent Film Channel contest. Not to mention that the film just completed a run at this year's Austin Film Festival.

But, word has it, this lead project manager at FG Squared, a multimedia company, is most valued because of the time he puts in at work.

"Jim is extremely efficient," says Stedman co-worker Katie Gilman, an executive assistant. "He has never missed a deadline, is very talented and is just an all-around good guy."

Good guy? Good guys aren't named one of the top 100 producers in the nation two years in a row by AV Video Multimedia Producer Magazine. Rather, these are superbly gifted guys extraordinaire who pull off these types of consistent efforts.

And just what fuels Stedman's fire?

"Some warped part of my psyche likes it," he says. "It" being the fast-paced 45- to 60-hour weeks, the never-ending dilemmas and figuring out ways to get clients what they need in the time frames they require.

Sure, we believe you have a life, Stedman. But accept our award anyway. Apparently, you deserve it.

-- C.M.

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